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Wednesday, Mar 9

Just in the last few days I have learned that at least some, if not most, comments visitors to my websites have been posting online to me did not actually reach me.

I am sorry for not responding to the many kind and generous comments and inquiries that I now know were posted over the past several months (and only showed up in error logs which I seldom review). While spam-type and other malicious comments were supposed to be trapped and deleted by the system (which it did and on which I get regular monthly reports), these other friendly comments were supposed to be forwarded to me via email, but were not.

This problem was caused by a slight change in basic server functions by the company which provides this service for my websites. Last fall I noticed some irregularities in how certain other functions behaved and was able to fix them, but was not aware of this other problem until now. I will work to get this problem fixed soon.

I apologize to all those affected by this and will try to get in touch with those who may have been expecting a reply over the next few weeks.


Saturday, Feb 13

I seldom mention or promote one of my first and most successful websites - The Kidney Stone WebSite. But it has remained a highly ranked website for most of the time since it first appeared online in 1997 when 17 people discovered it on the Internet the first day it was online - a little before the time the Google search engine first became popular in the early days of dial-up web access.

In the first 80 days The Kidney Stone WebSite was online it was visited by over 10,000 web users. Within 5 years there had been over 2 million visitors. And last year there were an average of about 2000 site visitors per day (a rate of over 700,000 per year).

After I gave it a minor "facelift" which improved its looks when viewed on mobile devices a few months ago, it has continued to gain popularity and is now viewed by about 3000 visitors each day.

That means that, on average, there is a visit to my Kidney Stone Website by as many people as the number who visit hospital emergency rooms each year because of kidney stones!


Friday, Oct 30

Our house exterior update is nearly finished - just a few mainly painting related items left to complete.

Since the last blog "update" I have fabricated the wrought iron railings for the front porch and the sunroom stoop and steps. The antenna mast mount was made and installed along with a higher mast, new digital antenna, and quad-shielded cabling.

Right now we are knee deep in falling leaves and enjoying the colorful sights of fall leaves against Carolina blue skies!

So if we can just get a final color selected for the front door and have a few days of warm weather for the remaining painting projects still on the list we can, maybe, call it finished pretty soon!


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