Johnie & Marie Baxter's
70th Anniversary Celebration

Seventy years ago Johnie and Marie Baxter were married on December 24, 1936, in the rural home of her uncle, Loren Hocking, a local Justice of the Peace, in Clay County, Arkansas.

In celebration of the 70th Anniversary of their marriage we produced a booklet and two DVDs looking back over their lives, the people, places, and events that have shaped their lives. The "world premiere" showing of the primary DVD was shown in November at Granville, Illinois, where they now live. Then we took them on a trip to visit the area where they grew up along the Arkansas and Missouri border.

This is an online compilation of the text sections of the Celebration Book. Each of the links below will give you a PDF file (excepting the two QuickTime video files) for you to read online, or save and even print out your own copy for later reference.

In the process of creating this keepsake booklet for Mom and Dad, and their two children, we learned of our ancestors ... many of which we had not previously known. And we found some of them located right here in Winston Salem, North Carolina!

The booklet Paths Traveled Before Us provides a narrative version telling of all those people going back nearly 400 years that resulted in our being where we are today. The Our Family Tree booklet lists those people along with many of their other siblings and children who have made up their families along with lots of their photographs.

The Intro Video (about 98 seconds long) and Time Line Video (about 42 seconds long) offer brief samples of the nearly 10 hours of video contained on the two DVDs which are a part of the full Celebration Book. (Note the relatively large file sizes even though the image size, resolution, frame rate, and sound quality have been reduced considerably from the original DVDs, and decide whether to download and view the videos based on your Internet download speeds.)

Celebration Overview - 2.2MB PDF Booklet

Paths Traveled Before Us - 124KB PDF Booklet

Our Family Tree - 5.5 MB PDF Booklet

Family Tree Charts - 396KB PDF

Overview Map of Area - 152KB PDF

Detailed Map of Buncombe & Corning Areas - 188KB PDF

Intro Video

Time Line Video - 4.8MB QuickTime video

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