A Tribute to

Betty Charlotte Walls Baxter

April 14, 1930 - April 12, 2012

of The Gospel Singing Baxter Family

Assembled here are some of the memorable songs which feature the smooth, comforting, and inspiring voice and piano artistry of Betty Baxter. For those who have been previously blessed by her singing they will bring flooding back sweet memories of times past. And for everyone her recorded voice will touch your heart as you listen. Betty Baxter was certainly faithful to The Last Mile of the Way.

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Betty Charlotte Walls Baxter c.1969
Betty Charlotte Walls Baxter c.1969

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I am Roger Baxter, Betty Baxter's nephew, the son of her husband's second older brother. Our families had lots of contact from the time I was born (there is a picture of Betty holding me as a new born infant in the Photos section of this webpage) until about the time I finished college, got married, and we all moved to different corners of the country out of easy visiting range.

My Aunt Betty's eldest son is just about a year younger than me and we spent a lot of time together while growing up. For a year or two we lived next door to each other. Rick and I would spend the whole day together playing - which is probably why I consider him almost like the brother I never had. Until our high school years we lived in the same town (Rockford, Illinois) most of the time. And we often spent a night or a weekend staying at the other's house. During those summers when we didn't live near each other, either he would come to the farm where I lived and spend a week or so with me, or I would go back to the city to spend a week or two with him and his family.

I have so many good memories of Aunt Betty making me feel right at home whenever I was visiting over the years. Their's was a big family (three brothers and three sisters) while I was an only child until I was in first grade and only had one sister. And it always seemed like I just fit right in along with all of the others ... I just had to remember at family meals to fill my plate up on the first passing of the bowls because there would not be any second helpings left for later!

I recall being at their home in Grandma Baxter's basement (when they lived next door to us) and I had supper there with them. Aunt Betty made what she called "goulash" (short fat elbow noodles in a seasoned tomato sauce with ground beef). I went home and told my Mom that Aunt Betty was the world's best cook - and so my Mom got her recipe which became one of our regular family supper dishes.

Before I ever started school Betty and R.V. were born again at the Pentecostal Church on Kilburn Avenue in Rockford where Rev. Kelsie Haggard was pastor. R.V. was miraculously immediately delivered from smoking cigarettes when he rose from the alter. Almost immediately they began singing specials during church services. I remember thinking her voice was so lovely! I think "Whispering Hope" was one of their songs then and it was later recorded on the first Baxter Family album.

I cannot recall where I slept when I went to visit, but I guess with six children one more is no big deal! I just know that I always felt right at home and just as welcome as if I belonged there full time. Aunt Betty had a way of doing that.

I credit Aunt Betty for enabling me to accept and give friendly hugs. I was an awkward teenage boy from a outwardly emotionally restrained family who went stiff whenever someone tried to give me a hug. But Aunt Betty and her family were demonstratively affectionate and whenever anyone came up to her she insisted on wrapping them in her arms and giving them a great big loving hug ... there was just no way to avoid it! So gradually I relaxed and over a period of many years I learned how to receive and give affectionate hugs. And I am so glad that I did so that I could lovingly hug my Dad before he was taken from us a couple of years ago.

And I am so glad that I was able to visit with Aunt Betty last summer ... for the first time in well over twenty years ... and share a hug with her. She loved her family; and she loved the Lord. I only wish I could have had more years closer to her to have learn more about how to live a better life.

I am better for having Aunt Betty as part of my life. I cherish my memories of her.

Learn more about Betty Baxter at FamilyThenAndNow.org

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