By default the music will begin playing from the top of the songs listed below and automatically continue down through the list. YOU CAN ADJUST THE PLAYBACK USING THE CONTROLS: To raise or lower the volume just click higher or lower on the scale (originally set at 80% and you may also need to adjust the volume controls on your computer), << Jump to the previuos recording, || Pause or > Resume Play, >> Jump to the next recording, [] Stop playback, O Loop or repeat the playback, X Shuffle the playback list, and even Delete songs from the list of those to be played by clicking on the X on the right of the title. Also, you use your keyboard arrow keys to ↑ raise and ↓ lower the volume and ← jump back or → forward in the play list, and use your <space bar> to pause or resume play. If you want to listen to a particular song of your chosing, just CLICK on that song title to select an audio recording from the list below.
Cover of The Baxter Family ... at home - We Sing Because We're Happy gospel music album

You can now read the online PDF version of the CD information booklet that contains the full text originally on the back cover of the vinyl album. By default this will open in a new tab or window so that you can continue to listen to The Baxter Family singing in this window.

These recordings were originally made about 50 years ago by the R.V. Baxter family of Atlanta, Illinois ... and so these digital reproductions have been made from a vinyl record that has seen many years of use. While great care has been taken to attempt to restore them to their original lustre you may still be able to detect some of the pops, and scratchiness inherent on these old recordings.

Rick Baxter, the eldest son in this family group, says of these digital audio reproductions:

"So many memories flood my mind as I listen. Memories of the music, the times, and the people involved!
I would love for all the people who experienced this music with us then to be able to listen again."

So here they are! We hope that you enjoy listening to them and that good memories will come flooding back to you ... and that while you listen to these beautiful young voices from long ago the messages of the songs will touch your heart as well!

Enjoy all of the Baxter Family albums now available online.

The Gospel Singing Baxter Family You can also choose individually from any of these vintage Baxter Family albums:

Cover of The Baxter Family ... at home - We Sing Because We're Happy gospel music album Cover of Singing Along the Way with The Baxter Family gospel music album Cover of Rock of Love by The Baxter Family gospel music album Cover of Live a Happy Life by The Baxter Family gospel music album Cover of Praise the Lamb of God by the Teen Thrust Troubadores (The Baxter Family) gospel music album Cover of FREE by The Baxters contemporary Christian music album Cover of The Baxter brother's secular music album

You can also listen to some of the forgotten and never before released early recordings of LIVE performances.

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