The Puppy Sisters
(formerly known as
Missy & Sissy)
Have Found a Good Permanent Home

They are two adorable little puppies who fortunately found a loving permanent home after spending nine weeks with us. These playful little puppy sisters were dropped off in our front yard in June. These two rapidly growing little dogs now live with their nice new Mommy and a big brother-dog, Buster, and two step-cats, Lizzie and Wheezer in a spaceous fenced in yard.

Thank you to everyone who helped in their rescue: giving puppy food, stopping by with special treats, providing toys, taking them to visit the dog park and on overnight stays at your house, giving them doggie icecream, providing them with their bright red collars and matching leashes, paying for their trip to the vet, petting, hugging, and playing with them, sitting down on the ground and letting them crawl all over you with their dirty paws and wet kisses, and just putting up with them visiting your house and yard whenever they saw you ... and, of course, one of you for loving them enough to give them a good home together.

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The photographs taken the very first week that the Puppy Sisters were with us shows their earlier condition - These are now included in the complete 100 plus pictures in the above online photo album and slideshow.

This is the poster   
we put up on    
the sign post   
at our side yard   
which caught the   
attention of the   
Puppy Sister's   
new Mommy as   
she drove past.