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Roger Baxter

5778 Brookway Drive
Winston-Salem, North Carolina 27105-1429
E-Mail: Resume at RogerBaxter dot com • 336-767-3439


To provide my employer a significant advantage over their competition through application of my broad experience, production management skills, and technical knowledge in innovative utilization of publication technologies and streamlined work flows to best fulfill their (or their client's) print and Internet communication needs.

Personal Characteristics:

  • A get the job done on time and within budget manager.
  • Multiply the benefits of my experience through those who report to me.
  • Remain focused on the overall objective while taking care of the details.
  • Know how to get work done efficiently and how to get others to do so as well.
  • Understand the potential of modern technologies and how to use them to produce the desired cost effective printed materials and Internet based digital documents.


3/03 - Present Independent Consultant, Winston Salem, North Carolina

Specializing in Project Management Software Development and Web Site Development for Christian Organizations
  • Develop, design, and code Internet websites for various Christian organizations.
  • Develop and code customized Internet based project scheduling, tracking, costing, and management system software for use in publishing, advertising, and other project oriented industries.
  • Utilizing skills in project management, workflow optimization, publication, communication, HTML, CGI, JavaScript, Perl, XHTML, DHTML, and CSS.


8/98 - 2/03 Coyne Beahm Advertising, Greensboro, North Carolina

Senior Production Manager - 8/98 - 2/03
  • Sourced and oversaw production of client’s advertising and communications materials from digital files to finished or mailed product.
  • Co-leader of computerization project selecting and implementing an estimating, project scheduling, traffic monitoring, purchasing, and accounting system software.
  • Supervised other production department members and contributed expertise in development of client’s relationship marketing and web based programs.


7/94 - 8/98Independent Management Consultant

Specializing in Publication Technology Optimization for Advertisers, Publishers, and Printers, Winston-Salem, North Carolina
  • Analyzed and documented existing production procedures, techniques, work flows, equipment utilization, and personnel and equipment productivity.
  • Recommended improvements in process, equipment, scheduling, and staffing.
  • Provided customized training materials and presented training programs to increase productivity of client’s staff members.
  • Developed Internet websites and advertising banners; achieved top 5 rankings on major search engines and significant topical interest segment traffic and response.


2/87 - 7/94 Lowe’s Companies, Inc., North Wilkesboro, North Carolina

Manager of Advertising Production Systems - 11/92 - 7/94
  • Responsible for continual re-engineering of ad creation and production methodology, equipment utilization, and personnel productivity.
  • Saved $1.5 million in first year with in-house production of area versioned and priced pre-print newspaper inserts and ROP advertising.
  • Lead multi-department & multi-vendor team in 85% reduction of pricing lead times.
  • Developed and monitored departmental operating budget of $2.8 million.
  • Purchased $600,000 annually in outside print and pre-press services.
  • Oversaw $40 million insert ad program - vendor contacts, bids, and analysis.
  • Supervised training program to keep 52 staffers on leading edge of technology.


Manager of Advertising Production - 8/90 - 11/92

  • Directly supervised 5 advertising production departments with staff of 25.
  • Directed production of 2500 pages of advertising per month.
  • Developed and monitored departmental operating budget of $2.4 million.
  • Brought in-house the annual production of 30,000 pages of printer's film for weekly area versioned (200+ markets) inserts and ads which achieved payback in two years.
  • Reduced advertising production times by 50%.
  • Produced 18% more base ad pages using 56% fewer creative staffers.
  • Lead a multi-department team in research, evaluation, selection, design, and implementation of Macintosh computer assisted graphic design system.


Senior Supervisor of Production - 2/87 - 8/90

  • Responsible for 5 advertising production departments with 17 employees.
  • Provided overall production control for over 400 projects annually in all departments by implementing computerized scheduling, regular work flow communication, time accounting, and established hourly production costs and charge-back procedure.
  • Improved productivity, increased control, and reduced turnaround time.
  • Contributed expertise in print production technologies to improve quality of promotions while reducing costs by close involvement with print vendors.
  • Assisted in development of computerized ad request system.


2/84 - 11/86 The Education Center, Inc., Greensboro, North Carolina

Printing Plant Manager - 4/85 - 11/86
  • Responsible for production of 500 products (including hard and soft cover books) and their direct mail promotions plus production of 6 magazine titles.
  • Increased production and billings over 40% in each of two consecutive years.
  • Expanded outside commercial print sales by 31%.

Director of Technical Operations - 2/84 - 4/85


4/82 - 1/84 Fisher-Harrison Printing, Greensboro & Durham, North Carolina

Production Scheduler at Greensboro plant - 9/83 - 1/84
  • Reviewed all job plans in addition to scheduling all operations

Acting Production Manager at Durham plant - 5/83 - 9/83

  • Over Prep, Press, and Bindery for short run magazine & commercial printing.
  • Improved quality of work and, thereby, retained previously disgruntled clients.

Production Coordinator at Greensboro plant - 4/82 - 5/83


1/78 - 12/81 The Education Center, Inc., Greensboro, North Carolina

Production Director - Prep, Press, Bindery, Packaging, Inventory, Purchasing, Warehouse & Shipping Departments - 5/78 - 12/81
  • Decreased personnel requirements 47% while meeting demands of a 305% increase in product sales.
  • Economized product manufacture with standardized operations and materials.
  • Lead development of inventory control and production cost projection, monitoring, and accounting information management systems.

Supervisor of Press & Pre-Press - 2/78 - 5/78

Supervisor of Pre-Press - 1/78 - 2/78



B.A. from Southwest Baptist University and post-graduate study at Wake Forest University on a full academic scholarship. Plus extensive reading and numerous seminars in principles of management, print production, etc., throughout my career.

PDF version of resume
PDF Resume


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