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Alltel / McDonalds / Chrysler
Managed production of back-lit transparency for use in McDonalds resturants for an Alltel promotional giveaway. POS included a kitted full height standee, tear pads of entry forms, ballot box for entry forms, daily response mail back envelopes, instruction sheet, etc.
Directed development and production Allegacy Federal Credit Union multipart campaign with series of 3 direct mail oversized postcards with matching small posters inside each branch, matching large posters at each outdoor ATM, and die-cut wobble-head tent cards on display at each member company.
Oversaw production of multi-version direct mail campaign for Allegacy Federal Credit Untion including reply postcard with follow-up response card and gift for those who responded.
Appalachian State University - ASU
Directed development and production of speech text booklet, program brochure, and diecut luncheon tent card for Appalachian State University. Quad-tone appearance utilizing just two ink colors on colored stock.
Banner Pharmacaps
Directed production of product brochure for Banner Pharmacaps plus catalog, matching catalog envelope, and program announcment postcard.
Oversaw production of actual product output form for

Produced pledge card for Boy Scouts of America.
Oversaw production of two-color foil stampled business cards for Hylton Quarter Horses.
Pastche Resturant
Oversaw production of inner check folder for Pastche Resturant along with full corporate identiy package: stationary, menu sheets, business cards, etc.

Personalized direct mail booklet with built-in return envelope for R.J. Reynolds. Coordinated production through approval of film proofs.

Personalized direct mail envelope with offer details booklet, trackable coupons, and reply mailer for R.J. Reynolds. Coordinated production through approval of film proofs.

One of a series of personalized direct mailers for R.J. Reynolds with response vehicles using images matched to current promotional media advertisements. Coordinated production through approval of film proofs.
Doral & Co. magazines
Doral & Co. magazine format direct mailers for R.J. Reynolds including personalized and trackable coupons, Internet I.D. and passwords, and response envelope, along with feature articles with lots of photography. Coordinated production through approval of film proofs.

Part of the series of print media advertisments which I oversaw production and distribution to the various publications for the Doral brand of R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company.
Gilliam, Coble & Moser - CPS's
Coordinated development and production of corporate idenity booklet for Gilliam, Coble & Moser utilizing tri-tone images (black, gray, and metallic silver) along with a direct mail flyer delivered rolled inside a clear tube

Directed production of sponsorship brochures for the Greater Greensboro Chrysler Classic including full sized double gate-center-fold booket, matching envelope, multiple staggered tab booklet, direct mail folded postcard, and ticket brochure.
Lowe's point of sale brochures
Oversaw production of a series of Point of Sale product line description brochures for Lowe's Home Improvement Centers.
Lowe's Reliabuilt doors and window brochures
Oversaw production of a series of Point of Sale brochures for Lowe's ReliaBuilt branded windows and doors product lines.
Lowe's Woodworkers Club
Multi-format test direct mailers during initial rollout of Lowe's WoodWorkers club program along with one of the magazine format club member mailers. Set up multi-segment test groups, tracked, and analyzed results of various offers. Handled fulfilment of "free gift" for response offers as well as print production of direct mailers.
Lowe's Garden Club
Handled early Lowe's Garden Club program, tested and tracked various membership offers, directed offer fulfilment followup mailings, set up automated voice response sign-up program, oversaw print production of original format newsletters and transition to magazine format with mulitple geographic versions. Directed set up of membership database and fulfillment program inventory.
Lowe's Contractor Mailers
Oversaw production and distribution of Lowe's original direct mail program to contractors, remodelers, and property managers.
Lowe's credit card stuffers
Took over production of the Lowe's credit card stuffer program and was able to reduce unit cost while increasing available space on insert for three years in a row.
Managed production for Stockhausen's industrial hand cleaner product line brochures.
Stockhausen Absorbant Polymers
Oversaw prodution of Stockhausen Absorbant Polymers division corporate identy gussetted pocket folder, report cover, and brochure.
Stockhausen Sam mailers
Oversaw production of series of Stockhausen direct mailers - many featuring "Stockhausen Sam" - as trade show promotional invitations. Also directed production of series of print magazine ads.
Thomasville Furniture - Hemmingway Paris
Managed production of custom pen as part of introductory package for Thomasville Furniture's Hemmingway Paris collection. Package included book with ghosted text in coating over images, posters, and huge banners draped over buildings with matching images.
Thomasville Furniture - Bogart
Oversaw printing of book cover inserts for Thomasville Furniture for introdution of their Bogart collection.
Tobacco Associates - brochure
Produced matching brochure and two language versions of a CD-ROM for Tobacco Associates to use at international trade show.
Tobacco Associates - magazine ad

Tobacco Associates - magazine ad 2

Oversaw production of series of international magazine advertisements for Tobacco Associates. Just two of the series shown here.
Jamestown Veterinary
Good quality aqueous coated double-roll-gate-fold brochure on a low budget produced for Veterinary Clinic utilizing digital photography and client-hand-folding of pre-scored brochure.
Victory Junction Gang
Just a small sampling of various pieces produced for the start up of the Victory Junction Gang (Hole in the Wall) Camp.
Volvo Vision magazine
Produced award winning over-sized magzine format trade show piece for Volvo Trucks.
Volvo Truck brochures
Managed production of varioius formats of brochures, fact sheets, product line specification booklets, direct mailers, etc., for Volvo Trucks.
Volvo Truck brochures
Oversaw on average one printing per week of Volvo Truck product line brochures.
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