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What others have said about Roger Baxter:

I have had the pleasure of working with Mr. Baxter for the past three years. He has extensive production knowledge and his problem solving expertise was called upon on many occasions. His attention to detail and sense of urgency to accomplish the task at hand are two of his many assets.

Roger is a conscientiuos worker, always willing to help, innovative and at all times conducts himself in a most professional manner.

M. Kirk Hinshaw, Jr.

Promotional Materials Manager
R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company

Roger Baxter has worked for me as the Manager of Production since 1998. In that time Roger has embraced all production efforts with optimism and a firm understanding of the realities involved. He has led the company's production department down paths that were well documented and informative of risk and opportunity.

Roger has an extensive knowledge base of printing and related disciplines. I highly recommend Roger for any position related to this aspect of the business. He is level-headed, efficient, and a pleasure to work with.

Roger's position is being eliminated due to downsizing of the deparment.

Mac Stroup

Vice President, Creative Services
Coyne Beahm Advertising

I worked with Roger for several years at Coyne Beahm Advertising and Marketing. I would like to let you know that he is literally one of the most thorough, detailed, and professional co-workers that I have ever worked with. His work ethics exceed what I would as a company owner only hope for.

I would highly recommend Roger Baxter as a potential employee of your company.

Please feel free to contact me personally if you should have any questions.

Susie Coyne Blackwell

Owner: Splurges Fashionable Accessories & Gifts
Co-Owner: Blackwell Plumbing Company

I would highly recommend Roger Baxter. He is responsible, punctual, and very creative. Roger always gives you what you ask for and then suggests additional ways to consider in solving the problem. Most often, his suggestions are the ones executed. Roger has a very positive, "can do," attitude and is always optimistic about finding a way to solve the problem.

Roger is well liked and respected by his fellow employees. As a Director at Coyne Beahm, Inc., I have worked with Roger on behelf of my clients and on committees within the agency. In both cases he has been a joy with which to work.

If you would like to discuss anything with me regarding Roger, please do not hesitate to call me.

Chris G. Miller

Director, Account Management
Coyne Beahm, Inc.

Roger Baxter was hired by Coyne Beahm Advertising on August 31, 1998, as a Production Manager. Prior to that time, Roger worked with us for 6 months as a freelance Production consultant. Due to business conditions requiring a reduction in force, Roger's position as Senior Production Manager was eliminated on February 7, 2003.

During his employment with Coyne Beahm Advertising, Roger demonstrated a solid understanding of the skills needed for his position. He is extemely knowledgeable of print production procedures, and has excellent bidding and negotiation skills. In addition, he works well with co-workers and external suppliers, and has earned their respect. Roger is hard working, cost conscious, and extremely organized. I would recommend Roger Baxter for any position in which he could utilized these skills.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Cathy Allen

Human Resource Director
Coyne Beahm Advertising

It is my privilege to recommend to you Roger Baxter, a Production Manager with high professional standards and quality character.

Mr. Baxter was employed by Coyne Beahm Marketing and Advertising as Production Manager from August 31, 1998 through February 7, 2003. It was only due to economic conditions that Roger's position had to be eliminated.

During this time Roger has been an extremely hard working and loyal employee. He brought a level of high quality prodution to the agency, demonstrated attention to process, and represented us professionally to our vendors. During his period of employment, Roger made excellent contribition to our business and was very well respected among the Creative and Account teams.

I would highly recommend Roger for employment. Should the opportunity arise, I would not hesitate to rehire him at our own agency.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Roger L. Beahm

Coyne Beahm Marketing and Advertising

Copies of actual letters of reference including contact information, which has been deleted from these online copies, are available upon request to those considering Roger Baxter as a candidate for a postion with their company.


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