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Reviews and Comments

What supervisors and others have said about my contributions:

Roger's performance ... has been outstanding. He has excelled in all areas ... His skills in management and computer knowledge exceed my expectations. ... Roger's planning and supervisory skills are exceptional. ... He has brought much professionalism to Sterling in many phases of print production. ... Roger is constantly evaluating and solving present and future problems. Very analytical and creative mind. ... Roger has developed systems and procedures, established methods and solved problems in his first year he has made a new position a key position. - 1988

Roger has demonstrated a knack for solving problems and innovations on special projects. ... Roger has shown [that developing strategies for accomplishing goals is] one of his strongest areas. ... Roger was a major contributor in 1988. - 1989

Roger has demonstrated desire, innovation and self-motivation in his relentless efforts to get a CAD [computer advertising design] system in Sterling. His knowledge and extra hours has made this a reality. ... Armed with much industry experience, he continuously resolves problems for all departments. ... Roger's involvement in areas of Sterling's growth continue to make him a key player in Sterling's future. Hard working, dedicated and innovative. A true asset. - 1990

Claude Bullis

Creative Director
Sterling Advertising
Lowe's Companies, Inc.

You did it!
You convinced Lowe's to buy your system.
You persuaded Lowe's to let us hire the people.
You "hung in there" thru the down times.
You are a Hero for all of Sterling.
You are on a roll - Go get 'em and don't look back.
- 1991

You are the "electronic genius" and Lowe's needs you. The experience you are gaining now will benefit you in the future. You will have a free ticket to go wherever you want to go after this system is fully implemented. Go for the gold! - 1992

H. C. Poythress

Sterling Advertising
Lowe's Companies, Inc.

[Lowe's] CAD [computer advertising design] system up and running ahead of schedule ... would not have happened without Roger. [This was] a major contribution. ... [Roger is] a talented individual. - 1992

Ralph Buchan, Jr.

Lowe's Companies, Inc.

Roger Baxter has provided consultant services to our department of Printing Services since July of 1996. During that time we have found him to be thorough, precise, and accurate in his findings regarding our operations, efficiency, and finances. Following his recommendations has made a significant improvement in both the operations and profitability of the service.

I recommend Mr. Baxter to you without reservation or qualification of any kind. He will prove to be an asset to your organization with his extremely professional consultancy.

If you would like to discuss Mr. Baxter's qualification or our experience with him here at Wake Forest, I will be delighted to talk with you. - 1996

W. Roger Posten, II, Ed.D.

Department of Biomedical Communications
Wake Forest University

[Roger is a] deep thinker. [He] has extra concern for good work ... [and] a very positive attitude. [Roger] desires to advance the company [and] adjusts very easily to all problems. - 1980

Great job in [organization and planning]. Leadership and communications [are] above average. Knowledge, creativity, adaptability, attitude, sense of urgency, and sense of proprietorship [all rate] exceptional merit. I'm glad to have Roger as Plant Manager. - 1985

Jake Michel

President / Owner
The Education Center

I have begun asking Roger to be present whenever I'm reviewing photo tab color proofs with the designers. I've found his input on color very valuable and he has caught things I haven't looked for previously or has given more accurate solutions to color problems. ... I feel he's invaluable at this stage of the game, since he has experience looking at [proofs]. After using his schedules constantly I've found I depend on them all the time now and feel quite comfortable with them. It's nice not having to fill out a calendar for the whole group to follow, they use the schedules too. - 1988

Gary Doran

Design Group Supervisor
Sterling Advertising
Lowe's Companies

Upon sharing [information provided by Roger] with our prodution management, we realized a significant estimating fault in our system... . The investigation of this situation ... has led to a nearly complete reformation of our estimating standards. For this, we thank you very much. ... The fact that we are a better company is directly due to your efforts. - 1993

William D. Herbein

Web [Printing] Sales Development Manager
The Hickory Printing Group

[Roger] will do whatever it takes to get the job done. ... Very well organized. ... Understands scope of job and performs all necessary functions and then some. - 1984

Bruce Clarke

Greensboro Division Manager
Fisher-Harrison Corporation

Roger always organizes and plans ahead ... Roger carried a very large work load for quite a while and produced very well. ... Roger's time management is exceptional. He seems to accomplish 50 hours of work in 40. ... Roger accepts responsibility in his area of concern very well and when needed goes beyond his area. ... Roger is very creative especially in solving problems. ... Roger is very aware of cost and will make suggestions to improve profits ... Both clients and salespeople have learned to rely on and trust Roger. - 1983

Jim DeCata

Customer Service Manager
Fisher-Harrison Corporation

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