The Memorable Life of Matthaeus Noeding

The very first in the Nading family line in America.

This is the life story of Matthaeus Noeding, the very first person in the Nading family line in America. The family name has been spelled in various ways over the years: Noeding, Noething, Nothing, Noding, Noeting, or most commonly in modern times as Nading.

Matthaeus was born in the area now known as Germany in 1756. Before his twenty-first birthday world events forced him to become a Hessian mercenary soldier during the American Revolutionary War and endure the terrors of war on the high seas and up and down the American continent from New York to Georgia. After being captured near Charleston, South Carolina, he managed to join a thriving Moravian (German) outpost on the American frontier. There he built a new life for himself and began a family. As the result of injuries sustained in a wagon accident he died a little over 50 years later in 1807 in Salem, North Carolina.

Matthaeus lived in a time of great changes. And is seems as if he was always right in the middle of whatever was going on. Although he left little first hand records of his life, we are able to trace his path and know what was going on all along the way by using the accounts of his contemporaries. Matthaeus Noeding was there when history was being made ... and this little book tells the story of his life and times.

The author, a great-great-great-great-grandson of Matthaeus Noeding, is currently working on making a video documentary of this memorable life story.

This FREE online PDF booklet is being made available online so that other family members and other interested individuals may become more aware of our ancestor and the historical events surrounding his memorable life.

Since this text was primarily written as the narration for a video documentary by Roger Baxter, at least in some places, it may read a little odd since it is designed to be supplemented by various illustrations and diagrams to help the viewer's understanding of the story.

ALSO available as a free online PDF book is the wider scope story of the various family lines that lead up to this author's own family, The Paths Traveled Before Us, which was created in celebration of his parents 70th Anniversary in 2006.

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