The Paths Traveled Before Us

Our Family Story

In Celebration of the 70th Anniversary of
Johnie and Marie Baxter

The booklet Paths Traveled Before Us provides a narrative telling of all those people going back nearly 400 years that resulted in our family being where we are today. It is now offered here as a PDF file for you to freely read online, or save and even print out your own copy for later reference.

Some of the family lines covered in this narrative include Adams, Attebery (Atterberry, Atteberry), Baxter, Bennett, Burgess, Engel, Fischel, Hampton, Harbison (Harbesen), Hocking, Hunsinger, Jefferson, Long, Lough, Mitchell, Muller (Miller), Nading, Ossola, Patterson, Price, Rogers, Shull, Stevens, Tremmel, Waters, and Woods with a few others mentioned along the way.

This booklet was originally written in 2006 in celebration of the 70th Anniversary of the marriage of the author's parents, Johnie and Marie Baxter. It was part of a book that included two DVDs looking back over their lives, the people, places, and events that have shaped their lives.

In the process of creating the keepsake book for Johnie and Marie, we learned of our ancestors ... many of which we had not previously known. And we found some of them located here in Winston Salem, North Carolina - where the author now lives!

This FREE online PDF booklet is being made available online so that other family members and other interested individuals may become more aware of our ancestors and their travels around the world and across the American continent. All of them put together have made us who we are today.

ALSO available as a free online PDF book is the more detailed story of the very first person in the Nading family line in America, The Memorable Life of Matthaeus Noeding, the author's great-great-great-great-grandfather.

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