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Economical Standard Website Package

Web Site Development Service for Christian Organizations offers an economical website package including the development of 9 "standard" pages, one round of proofing, content management training and reference manual, search engine registrations, public relations releases, and a set of collateral graphics (for use on stationary, brochures, business cards, other media advertisements, T-Shirts, etc.) and more for only $175. Even at our relatively low a la cart pricing this package is worth about $500. The cost savings is our ministry to you.

On Going Annual Fees
Beyond the development of the web pages there must be an Internet host server that responds to your visitors requests for your pages ... and you must have an address registered with all the Internet service providers of the world so that those pages can be located. These are services which we take care of for you although they are actually performed by a separate company.

The Internet Host Server provides the Internet connection that sends your web pages to the visitors' web browser when they are requested. This is paid annually in advance to a stable and reliable hosting service provider. The cost for this service is $120 per year.

Optional Special Domain Name
Your URL (Universal Resource Locator) is the web address where your pages can be found. WSDSFCO will allow your pages to share our domain for no addtional cost to be able to keep your costs as low as possible. But the option of having your own domain name will allow your organizational name to be part of your web address (e.g., www.YourOrganization.org). This is highly recommended although optional. The extra $35 per year for this service is for this special address registration with the international groups which handle this service. This option is required if you want to utilize our E-Mail Service and have YourName@YourOrganization.org as your e-mail address.

Of course domain name availability is on a first come, first served basis and is limited to names without a prior registration. The annual fee must be kept current or risk loss of the domain name to someone else. However, once your domain name is registered it is yours to keep forever ... even if you later decide you want someone else to handle your website development service ... for so long as your annual fee is paid on time to the registration service.

Optional Website Features
Depending upon your organizational need and budget, you may opt to add to the "standard" package with other optional pages. With costs depending upon the complexity of the page design we offer several economical options: Static Pages @ $35 each, Editable Pages @ $50 each, and Interactive Pages @ $75 each. And if we don't have a page that can be easily modified to fit your specific needs, then we can develop custom editable and/or interactive pages for you at the rate of $35 per hour or on a special quotation basis.

See our complete Development Fee List for additional details.

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Updated November 18, 2003