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Client Access

Interactive Page Demonstration

Some of the visitors to your website will only be seeking information about your Christian organization. Others will be better served if your website can respond to their actions and requests. WSDSFCO websites offer many such interactive features which you can select to best fit the needs of your organization and the community it serves.

Interactivity can take on many forms. It can be as simple as an online response form which emails you a message that a visitor has visited your website, or even made a decision to accept Christ as their personal savior. It can be a guest book where visitors can leave messages about their visit and which later visitors can read as well. It can be an email sent to a friend letting them know about your website ... sent from a simple online form - which is the basis for the demo below.

Or interactivity can be more complex like an email picture postcard service which your visitor can send to their online friends. Or it can be an email list to which visitors can register ("opt in") and then you can quickly and without any cost send all of them an email newsletter. Or it can be an archive of sermon texts easily posted online through a simple interface and then available from an automatically generated table of contents for your visitors upon request.

E-Mail Yourself!

While this particular example of website interactivity may be otherwise of little use, it illustrates the ability of your website to accept input from a visitor, instantly perform the task they select, and give them immediate feedback.

Enter your own e-mail address in the form below along with a short message to yourself and click the "Send Message" button. In a few seconds your e-mail will appear in your online mailbox along with a link to our website. And since this is based on a page recommendation form, you will, also, get an email thanking you for recommending our website. Give it a try!

E-Mail Yourself!
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Updated November 18, 2003