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Total Customization Process

For a totally customized website the process is considerably different as well. Our starting point is two major steps earlier (the more economical process begins at Phase Three). And, likewise, the total customization process continues for one additional major step later (the more economical process ends after Phase Four).

Phase One
We help the organization define its stragety:

  • The PURPOSE of the website must be defined
    (Define what we are trying to achieve)
  • Measurable GOALS should be set
    (Define results that can be monitored)
  • The TARGET AUDIENCE needs to be identified
    (Define how to appeal to them in tone, language, graphics, and interactivity)

Phase Two
We build the underlying structure and content holders:

  • The information architecture will be designed to hold the site content
  • The interface design format will be created and approved
    • Interface graphics
      • Logos
      • Buttons
      • Backgrounds
      • Headers and Footers
    • Interface processors and content holders
      • Template pages
      • JavaScript controllers
      • DataBase tables
      • Search Engine

Phase Three
The website is constructed

  • The content will be gathered and optimized for use on the web
    • Text
    • Illustrations
    • Photographs
  • All content is placed
  • All functions are tested
  • Everything is proofread and approved

Phase Four
The website is made available to the public

  • Site is registered with search engines
  • Local media is given notices
  • Collateral media is provided
    • Updated and coordinated stationary designed
    • Other PR media graphic elements are provided

Phase Five
Follow up is initiated

  • Site usage is tracked and reported
  • Update maintenance is performed as needed
  • Evaluation of success meeting goals is performed

Obviously this is more expensive than our standard economical process, but standardized pages do not fulfill the needs of every organization. A larger Christian organization with a broad scope of ministry and a larger budget might choose this option. This is the process usually used for a business or Internet based ministry.

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Updated September 9, 2003