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Optional Close Oversight
Website Development Process

Some organizations may want to have greater input into and oversight of the website development process. This requires a greater expenditure of time on the part of our development team towards that individual website.

This extra time adds to the expense which is passed along to the organization desiring this extra service in the form of a 50% increase in the standard development fee for each additional round of proofing requested. This extra service adds an extra 30% to the development fee to each optional service performed.

This expanded development process with one extra round of proofing would then follow this pattern:

1. Presentation of Website Offer to Christian Organization Official

2. Acceptance of Offer

  • Decision on optional features

3. Presentation of Proposed Design Style

  • Basic Style
  • Colors
  • Page Format

4. Review of Proposed Design Style Comments Returned
OR if further revisions and re-proofing requested, go back to step 3

5. Design Style Agreed Upon

6. Gathering of Content
(to be supplied by organization)

  • Information
  • Text Messages
  • Images
  • Logo(s)
  • Photographs
  • Diagram(s)
  • Illustration(s)

7. Payment for Special Domain Name Registration Fee
(if this option selected)

8. Construction of Draft Website

9. Presentation of Draft Website

10. Review of Draft Website Comments Returned
OR if further revisions and re-proofing requested, go back to step 8

11. Payment of Development Fees and First Year Hosting Service

12. Website Finalized and Posted Online

13. Presentation of Maintenance / Usage Procedures

  • “How to Perform Online Website Maintenance” Booklet
  • Training Session for Church Website Maintenance Team Members
  • Hand-Off of Functioning Website to Church
  • Training Session for Web Based Email (if this option selected)

14. Public Launch of Website

  • Registration of Website with Major Search Engines
  • Registration of Website with Appropriate Website Listing Agencies
  • Public Relations Notification to Local Media
  • Provision of coordinating promotional graphics to organization: Stationary Letterhead, Envelopes, Business Cards, Newspaper “Slicks,” Flyers, Brochure, T-Shirt Art, etc.
Standard Economical Development Process Optional Total Customization Process

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Updated November 18, 2003