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Easy Content Management

Keeping your website content fresh is the key to an effective Internet presence. This includes having the latest schedule changes appearing online as well as providing the latest news about organizational happenings. And if this takes a specially skilled person or the expense of an outside service, then these tend not to be done as often as needed.

But with Web Site Development Service for Christian Organizations websites online edits and updates are performed right in the maintainer's web browser while online through the use of special links and a secure password.

Without needing special software or having to become an Internet guru the editable sections of the web pages we develop can have some one or more persons within your Christian organization - a secretarial or other staff member, the minister or group leader, or even an interested member - make edits and updates to your website's content from anywhere with Internet access by use of a password.

Examples of online editable content includes such things as:

  • Schedules of regular events
  • Special event announcements
  • Prayer lists
  • A welcome message to online visitors
  • Listing of church ministries
  • Listing of staff members
  • Weather related schedule changes
  • Weekly program / bulletin information
  • Organizational newsletters
  • Sermon notes and outlines
  • Full texts of sermons
  • Mission trip updates sent direct from the mission field
  • Youth (or other) group news
  • Special ministries' schedules
  • Committee meeting schedules
  • And many more other such things - if you can think of it, it can be done!

These sections of your website which are mostly likely to need updates are designed so that you can easily edit their content at a later date if you wish. We will teach you, or your designated webmaster, to perform these maintenance functions. Plus we provide you with a easy to follow handbook giving step by step instuctions on how to keep your website up to date. Or, if you prefer, we can handle the updates and maintenance for you.

WSDSFCO Online WebSite Maintenance Manual

Find out just how easy the update process can be by trying out these examples:

Online Edit Demo Interactive Demo

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Updated November 18, 2003