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Sample of Page Elements

The diagram below represents an example of the various content elements which go into one of our web pages. Of course any particular page probably would not be arranged exactly like this nor contain this particular mix of elements, but this will give you an idea of what you might find on a typical webpage developed for your Christian organization by us.

Example of Page Content Elements

In diagram above the editable content sections are indicated in red and the interactive content sections are indicated in pink.

Description of Elements

  1. Organizational logo (if any) and color scheme of website coordinated to existing organizational style.
  2. Custom header to identify website and unify all pages with a cohesive visual appearance.
  3. Page title identifying contents of this page.
  4. Primary website navigational links on all pages.
  5. Sub-section site links to encourage visitors to go deeper into informational content of website.
  6. Primary editable content section to keep page fresh and of interest to repeat visitors.
  7. Photography to increase personal interest in "above the fold" portion of page.
  8. Static textual page content for information not subject to change.
  9. Interactive Tell-A-Friend e-mail sender form
  10. Additional editable content section
  11. Interactive e-mail links for particular group leader
  12. Contact information or Sub-Menu selections
  13. Secondary textual navigation links in a common page footer appearing on all pages.
  14. Editable news updates - block or longer listing
  15. Website ownership statement and copyright notice.

We want to make your website as interesting and inviting experience as possible. Wherever possible we attempt to provide the online visitor to your website with a variety of options of where to go, what to see next, and things they can do to interact with your website. There are no dead ends; there is always something else to do.

We want to help you minister to the needs of your visitors and fulfill the mission of your organization. We bring you the expertise and experience of having done similar things for other organizations in the past. We offer you an economical process to get your website set up, looking very professional, and quickly operational. And we provide a system that will allow you to be able to keep your content up to date for years to come without needing expensive support services.

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Updated November 18, 2003