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Clowning Ministry
A clown ministry offers a loving Christian message to a child on the mission field.
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Client Access

Standard WebSite Features

Base Website Development Fee - $175
for the following 9 “standard” pages

Home Page

Ministries Page

Pastor's Welcome Page

Locator Page

Weekly Calendar Page

Contact Us Page

Staff Members Page

Custom Error Page

Table of Contents / Site Map Page

Includes site development, one round of page proofing, one maintenance guide booklet, one maintenance training session, search engine registrations, local PR releases, and all website files and collateral graphics supplied on CD-ROM for your files.

Annual Hosting Fee on WSDSFCO domain - $ 120

Additional Cost Items

To keep costs as low as possible the basic development fees include limits on how much work we must perform. Any requested work beyond that level is charged in addition to the basic fees outlined elsewhere as follows:

Images on All Pages Beyond Total of 5 - each $ 5

Custom Image Creation or Collage - per component image $ 10

Additional Maintenance Training Sessions - per session $ 35

Close Oversight of Development Process by Organization -

  • Standard 9 pages - add to basic development fee per proofing round 50%
  • Optional pages - add to basic development fee per proofing round 30%

Maintenance Fees

For those Christian organizations who prefer to have us perform any needed maintenance and post any desired updates to their website rather than do this themselves, if requested we will be happy to provide on-going website maintenance service on a per service basis or for a special quoted flat fee. All such updates will be handled together in weekly batches unless otherwise agreed in advance.

From digitally provided revised content - per page

Within “Online Editable” sections $ 5

To “Static Content” sections $ 25

To underlying page code (“Editable” or “Interactive”) sections $ 35

Keying of Supplied Copy or Verbal Instructions - per page $ 5

Scanning and/or Placement of Additional Images - each $ 5

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Updated November 18, 2003